GeopolymerCamp Workshop Registration


Subscription cost:

  • € 390 EURO advance payment (by credit card or bank transfer. Write us for other mean of payment),

To confirm your signing-up, it is recommended to pay in advance your registration as soon as possible. However, there is no reimbursement for any fees (one exception only: if you get no visa, you may receive a refund).

How to pay:
– Credit Card, immediate payment, registration is immediately secured and valid.
– Bank transfer, you must proceed to immediate payment. Registration will be cancelled if no payment is received within one week.

How to register several people with one invoice? Fill in the form below for the first participant, click add to cart (with 1 quantity only). Then, at the main shop page, choose again the same product, fill in the form for the second participant, click add to cart, etc. There will be one invoice and one payment but all participants will be registered and listed with their names.

Notice. The Workshop fees DO NOT include the GeopolymerCamp registration.

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The TUTORIAL WORKSHOP FOR NEWCOMERS should serve as a focal point for scientists, engineers, academicians, graduate and undergraduate students, fellows, professionals and associates who want to start R&D projects on geopolymer science and technologies. The TUTORIAL will be led by the founder of geopolymer science, Prof. Joseph Davidovits, assisted by experienced technicians. It is aimed at providing a dedicated introduction to geopolymer technology and is illustrated with appropriate laboratory demonstrations. Participants will learn how to make 3 standard recipes for ceramic like application and for cement like use. You will be given the exact step by step recipes, the list of raw materials and chemical ingredients with the name of their suppliers. You are allowed to take photos and videos for you personal usage.

Please note: no registration will be definitive until we receive the full payment within one week. It means that, WE WILL REFUSE YOUR ADMISSION IF ALL SEATS ARE BOOKED AND SOLD OUT, we will not expect your coming, you will not get your name tag, your free lunch and other gratuities during the GeopolymerCamp. This is why it is mandatory to pay your registration before coming to France. However, there is no reimbursement for any fees (one exception only: if you get no visa, you may receive a refund).

For more information, please visit the GeopolymerCamp webpage.

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