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  • This, provided you always give credit to the Geopolymer Institute. The source must be clearly indicated in the same way as in your document (i.e. in the caption of a figure or image, a quotation reference for text).
  • The scientific terminology must be used properly, for example: geopolymeric materials, geopolymeric binders, geopolymeric cements, poly(sialate), instead of the general terms such as inorganic, mineral polymer, alkali-activated, or any non standard new acronyms.
  • Establishing of a hyper-link, without frame, to the home page or a category page, or a single page.

We forbid:

  • Any other reproduction and representation of any part of this website without our written approval, even for non commercial purpose.
  • You may not alter, transform, or build upon any part of this website.

Any of these conditions can be waived if you get written permission from the Geopolymer Institute. It is sometimes very easy to get by writing a simple e-mail.

If some people, institutions, companies or other groups are breaching this licence, infringing this website content, we will publish their names here in addition to a possible prosecution.


Joseph Davidovits put the word GEOPOLYMER (its english spelling) in the Public Domain. It means that everybody can freely use this word in scientific papers, for commercial or non-commercial purpose without any authorization. However, no-one can register this word alone in any country.

The radical GEOPOLY® is a registered trademark filed on 21 august 1979 at INPI, Paris, France, ref. # 1 700 by Joseph Davidovits. Only valid in France. Record number: 1 105 493, classification: 1 and 19.

The trademark Géopolymère® (the French spelling) is an international trademark registered on 15 march 1990 OMPI/WIPO, ref. # 548 387 by Joseph Davidovits, classification: 1, 17, 19, and 21. Origin France, 5 november 1986, 822 376 / 1 378 923.

Publication service

All the website content are provided by the Geopolymer Institute for information only. They do not create any commitment on behalf of the Geopolymer Institute. The information contained on the Geopolymer Institute web server are not contractual. They can be modified at any time and the Geopolymer Institute will not be liable for that.

The publication director is:
Institut Géopolymère
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Ph.: 0323676988
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You can apply your right to access information concerning you by asking the registered office.

The Geopolymer Institute is a not for profit association dedicated to the promotion of the geopolymer science, registered at Saint-Quentin, in France on 7 may 1979, under this reference: Journal Officiel, N° 121, 26 mai 1979, page 4444 — Répertoire National des Associations : W023000688

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We consider all messages received as confidential because they may contain information that is privileged and exempt from disclosure. We will not transmit to third parties your e-mail address. According to the French law (art. 34 of the law “Informatique et Libertés” ( Computer and Liberty ) 6-jan-1978), you have the right to access, edit, modify and delete all data concerning you. To apply this right, please write us.


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