You will find different types of information: link to other people and institutions, online shops, buy proceedings and books on geopolymers, legal terms, etc.

The Geopolymer Network:

Scientific Institutes and fellows
Selected list of laboratories and institutions involved in R&D projects on geopolymer science and technology

Short and incomplete list of companies that are working on geopolymers

Geopolymer online shop:

The Geopolymer Institute manage an online shop where you can buy exclusive geopolymer product.
The web address is: www.geopolymer.org/shop

You can buy several books, especially the book Geopolymer Chemistry and Applications

Legal Terms:

Legal Terms
Learn how you can use elements from this website, if you can freely use the word geopolymer, about trademarks, registered data, privacy statement, cookies, etc.

Access Map

Here you find the location of the Geopolymer Institute where we organize workshops.


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