16th Geopolymer Camp 2024, July 8th to 10th, with TUTORIAL (short courses)

16th Geopolymer Camp: 2024, July 8th to 10th, with TUTORIAL (short courses)


The GeopolymerCamp spans 3 days: Programme 2024.

Tutorial Workshop (short courses) for Newcomers, on Monday;
Focused Sessions :
1- 3D printing: Geopolymer inks and Additive manufacturing.
2- Geopolymer solutions for Lunar / Martian habitats.
3- Archaeo-chemistry vs Geopolymer-chemistry.

Every year, we invite you to join the Geopolymer Institute for the largest, most comprehensive international conference devoted to Geopolymer technologies, the 16th GeopolymerCamp 2024, at the University of Picardie, Campus of Saint-Quentin, North of Paris, France, on July 8th to 10th 2024.

Please, take a look at the GEOPOLYMER CAMP web page for the programme and to register:
GeopolymerCamp Main Page (click on the link)