Prepare your stay

Preparing your stay in Saint-Quentin

You find below all information needed to prepare your venue at Saint-Quentin. If you need more, do not hesitate to contact us. Our purpose is to make your stay as pleasant as possible.
Saint-Quentin is a small town. So, very few services and shops have English speaking people, and it may become troublesome when you arrive in an unknown place. We hope that this page will help you to organize and enjoy your stay in our nice city.

Note: before doing any reservation on the internet, note carefully the name of the city. Some other towns in France hold the same name with little differences. To be sure to select the right city, choose: Saint-Quentin (or St Quentin) [the city], Aisne (postal code: 02) [the province], Picardie [the region].


The GeopolymerCamp is held at the local university: Campus Universitaire de Saint-Quentin, University of Picardie, 48 rue d’Ostende, 02100 Saint-Quentin.
GeopolymerCamp FREE Parking: 2 rue Jean Cocteau, 02100 Saint-Quentin

You will find in this page all detailed information needed to come to our place from the airport, by train or by car.


We provide a list a selected hotels. You can reserve your rooms on the internet.
There are 2 categories of Hotels. The ones near the main Shopping Center, and the others in the city center closer to Geopolymer Camp / University.

Hotels at the city center

Hotels at the city center are convenient because of  the GP-Camp location  and every services and shops are at a walking distance. Hotels in the city center are at around 5 to 15 minutes walk from the train station and 10 to 20 minutes to the University, or 3 minutes ride with any Bus lines to center stop “Basilique”. When arriving at the train station, you can either take a taxi or take the bus number 5 (the one in front of the station) and get out at the city center stop (called Basilique) (5 minutes ride). See the map at Google Map

Hotel Name website price services
Ibis Budget website 50€ good choice because new and very convenient low-cost hotel in the city center-railway station, located 10 minutes walk to GP-CAMP. Air-Conditioning, Free wifi, not free car park, breakfast 6.00 €. When searching on the Internet, type Saint-Quentin, Aisne. Bus lines 1, 5 and 6.
Grand Hotel website 105€ high quality independent hotel, the best choice in terms of quality and service, in the city center-railway station, 10 minutes walk to GP-CAMP, larger rooms, free wifi, breakfast 9 €, free car park. Bus lines 1, 5 and 6.
Akena website 45€ 5 minutes walk to the GP-CAMP, low-cost budget hotel. Free wifi, breakfast 7.00 €, free car park on the street, restaurant. Bus line 1.
Ibis website 65€ best choice because all bus lines connection, stop “Basilique”, good quality, famous hotel brand. 20 minutes walking distance to GP-CAMP. International standard. Air-Conditioning, Free wifi, breakfast 8 €, not free car park. Bus lines 1, 5 and 6.
Le Florence website 50€ New rooms. 25 minutes walk GP-CAMP, free wifi, breakfast 6.5 €, free car park. Bus line 6.
Mémorial website 70€ High quality independent hotel at the city center, a good choice in terms of quality and service, larger rooms, 25 minutes walking distance to GP-CAMP, free wifi, breakfast 9 €, staffs speak english, free car park, weekends discount (see hotel’s website). Bus lines 1, 5 and 6.
La Filature website 110€ High quality independent hotel at the city center, fancy design in an old textile factory, large new rooms, free wifi, free large breakfast included, staffs speak english, not free car park on the street. Bus line 6.

Hotels near the Shopping Center, Highway A26 / A29

They are built in modern buildings, most of them are low-cost hotels but with all the comfort you need. However, because it is a bit far from the city center and then Geopolymer Camp, it is best to rent a car, or if you don’t mind taking the bus or a taxi to go to the city center (less than 5 € per course). You will walk 30 minutes to go to the city center. See the map at Google Map

Hotel Name website price services
Kyriad website 65€ Price for 1 or 2, good quality, new rooms, free wifi, breakfast 9 €, free car park. Direct bus line 6 to the GP-CAMP.
B&B Hotel website 50€ Price for 1 or 2, good choice, free wifi, Air-Conditioning, breakfast 5.9 €, free car park.
Campanile website 60€ Price for 1 or 2, good choice for higher quality, larger rooms, free wifi, restaurant, breakfast 8 €, free car park.
Première Classe website 35€ Price for 1 to 3, low-cost hotel, free wifi, breakfast 4.8 €, free car park.


Download here the bus lines map.

The bus number 5 or 6 are the best to go to the Geopolymer Camp at the stop called “IUT – Université“. The bus line number 1 is another alternative, it stops close by at one block of the university.
If you don’t have a car, it is convenient to take the bus from your hotel located at the city center to the university or to shopping centers. The stop for the city center is called “Basilique” (the big church). All buses stops there. Check the hotel tables above to check which bus line serves your hotel to the university.

A one way ticket costs 1.25 € and is valid for 1 hour. A one day pass is sold 3.00 €. You buy them from the driver. Do not stamp the ticket a second time, just show it to the driver.
You can buy a set of 10 tickets for 10.20 € (called in French: “carnet dix tickets de bus”). You buy them at the information booth (look for “information – Accueil” panel near the entrance, at the Auchan or Cora Hypermarket and Intermarché Supermarket and Monoprix in the city center, at the café “Carré d’As 2” in the city center, the “Balto” café near the Ibis Budget hotel (See Google Map), and at the train station café.

Car renting companies:

There are renting companies in Saint-Quentin: Europcar, Avis, Rent A Car, Sixt, Ucar, Ada.


You will find them in front of the train station, or ask at the hotel reception desk.

List of selected restaurants

We have selected some restaurants where you can find a menu in English or where the waiters are willing to welcome you and translate the menu for you. There are other restaurants, but the staff may only speaks French, you will have to ask. The average price at a French restaurant for a full course meal (starters, main dish, desert and drinks) is around 12 €. The Flunch restaurant, at Auchan shoping center, is the cheapest, around 6 € for one dish (self service, take only one main dish and get unlimited vegetables for free and free tap water).


The biggest shopping center of the Region is called “Auchan”. People living in hotels near the Shopping center will not miss it. There is another big shopping center called CORA (see the map).
The city center is full of small shops. There are two small supermarkets for your everyday needs: Super U and Monoprix. There are also many banks so you can take money at any ATM machine with your credit card. All major international cards (Visa, Mastercard, sometimes Amex) are accepted everywhere.
If you want to buy some local specialties, there is a fine grocery and chocolate store called “Jean Trogneux” on the right of the city hall.

Tourism information:

The weather:

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
Temp. 6°C 6°C 10°C 15°C 20°C 23°C
Months Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Temp. 27°C 27°C 23°C 15°C 10°C 7°C

Some tourism information about the region can be found on this website

Tourist Office:
For more information about your stay in France, visit in Paris, and in the city of Saint-Quentin in particular, please, ask the Tourist Office. They are at your disposal to help you for a pleasant stay, and they speak different languages!
Tourist Office of Saint-Quentin
3 rue Émile Zola
02100 Saint-Quentin, France
Tel.: +33 (0)3 23 670 500
Website: (clic on the british flag for the english version)

Good idea: download free audio guides and visit the city with your phone !

A trip to Paris:

Saint-Quentin est à 150 km north h of Paris by train or highways. You can take the train to Paris, and spend the whole day there. Paris is at 1.20 hour from Saint-Quentin. See this website . If you wish to stay the weekend in Paris, good quality hotels are usually between 90 – 110 € per night, with few chances to find cheaper.
Please, check the train timetable at the SNCF website (the national train company): French Railway Company’s SNCF web site.
The name of the station is “Paris, Gare du Nord”. Once you arrived, you can take the Metro (subway) to any places. The Metro is very convenient. When you come back to Saint-Quentin, if you are coming from the Metro (subway), go upstairs to the ground level, and follow the signs “Trains Grandes Lignes – Intercity Trains”.
The price of a round trip ticket is around 50 €. But, there are some opportunities to get a reduced fare (if you get your ticket early, if you are under 25 years old, if stay one night, if you are traveling together with another person, there is usually a 25% off or more). If you buy your train ticket at least 2 weeks in advance, there may be a discount. Check the Railway website to buy your ticket in advance.

For discount and electronic tickets bought in advance, check Trainline website.

DO NOT FORGET TO STAMP YOUR TICKET BEFORE BOARDING THE TRAIN. There are yellow stamp machines everywhere.

Mobile phone, internet access, cheap pre-paid cards:

In France, there is a free Wifi access in all MacDonald’s restaurants, in most hotels, public buildings and many cafés.

You have a mobile phone and want to use it in France? Ask your local mobile phone provider if you can use your mobile phone with the same number in France. Beware: phone calls are usually very expensive for foreign subscribers.
It is sometimes cheaper to buy a prepaid card for mobile phone in France (you will have a french phone number by using a new SIM chip in your phone, in order to use these prepaid cards). We have selected this provider who will send a french prepaid SIM card to your country for a very good price.

If you need to call home, you can also use a cheap prepaid card system with a regular phone. We have selected this company , because of its very low fairs between France and the World.

Emergency Call:

Dial 112 everywhere in Europe (Police, Emergency Rescue, Fire fighters, …) and speak in one of the 23 official languages of the European Union. There is always a translator at disposal. Toll free number with any phones, even mobile phones.

In case of trouble:

We will give you the name and phone number of someone in charge of the organization. If you have any trouble with the local authority, health problem (need some medicine), you will call this person first.