GeopolymerCamp 2010 announcement

Mark your calendars and plan on being in Saint-Quentin, France, on Tuesday 6.- Wednesday 7. July 2010 for the second GeopolymerCamp (registration on Monday 5. afternoon).


To get geopolymer fans together, learn from each other, figure out the future of geopolymer applications and chemistry, and have a good time. You’ll have 2 days for learning, presenting, sharing, chatting, at super saver-cost of 50 euros. We have decided to break down the infernal spiral of costs that is undermining the exchanges between the scientific communities. Conferences with registration fees of 800-1000 dollars (600-700 euros) are non-sense. Apparently this is what some scientists are ready to pay because of the infamous publish or perish request from their administration. We want to change this trend into learn OR perish. It is now so easy to make a publication in a regular journal, because there are so many, that it becomes no longer accurate to spend these enormous fees just to see his conference presentation on a simple CD (Proceedings), not on paper.

Let start a new era, return to what it was, 50 years ago, when conferences and gatherings were affordable. COME TO THE GEOPOLYMER CAMP.

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Hope to see you in Saint-Quentin

Prof. Joseph Davidovits