#1: Fire resistant aluminosilicate composites

Richard E. Lyon, P.N. Balaguru, Andrew Foden, Usman Sorathia,
Michel Davidovics and Joseph Davidovits.

published in the journal “Fire and Materials”, USA, 1996

This paper presents the latest results on the properties of GEOPOLYMER/CARBON composite, namely: * viscosity,

  • chemical reactivity,
  • differential scanning calorimetry,
  • thermogravimetric analyses,
  • mechanical properties (inplane shear, interlaminar shear, warp tensile, flexure).

It further compares GEOPOLYMER/CARBON composite to organic matrix composites being used for infrastructure and transportation applications. At irradiance levels of 50 kW/m2 typical of the heat flux in a well developed fire, glass- or carbon-reinforced polyester, vinylester, epoxy, bismaleimide, cyanate ester, polyimide, phenolic, and engineering thermoplastic laminates ignited readily and released appreciable heat and smoke, while carbon-fiber reinforced GEOPOLYMER composites did not ignite, burn, or release any smoke even after extended heat flux exposure. The GEOPOLYMER matrix carbon fiber composite retains sixty-three percent of its original flexural strength after a simulated large fire exposure.

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