Geopolymer Revolution on the Move

BASF, the world Chemical Company is strongly promoting geopolymer technology. In an older post dated of 24 March, 2011, we introduced the geopolymer grout PCI-GEOFUG (go to BASF). Meanwhile, the company presents it at various international fairs and expositions, starting from Germany over UK, and presently in Paris, at BATIMAT (8 Nov., 2011). It is interesting to follow the arguments outlined in the company technical brochures dedicated to this geopolymer grout GEOFUG.The French text is enthusiastic. On one page (it is page 2) one sees 3 women raising both arms above their head with placards that read, translated from French:

1) Down with the housework, END OF SLAVERY

2) GEOPOLYMER FOREVER (original in English)

3) CLEAN JOINTS for everybody

To get the French brochure go to