Milestone paper IUPAC 1976, in the LIBRARY

Several geopolymer scientists asked me to make available for free download in the LIBRARY, my first paper presented at the IUPAC Symposium on Long-Term Properties of Polymers and Polymeric Materials. This symposium held in Stockholm, Sweden, Aug. 30 to Sept. 1, 1976, had a session Topic III dedicated to New Polymers of High-Stability. I had asked Professor Herman Mark from Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, New York, President of this IUPAC Symposium, to outline the potential of this new mineral polymer research. Prof. H. Mark was a world famous polymer scientist and he encouraged me to implement this new field of polymer chemistry targeted at developing high-temperature and fire resistant polymers.Three years later, I created the Geopolymer Institute and coined the generic term “geopolymer”.
In the LIBRARY, it is paper # 20 Milestone paper IUPAC 1976.

Prof. Dr. Joseph Davidovits, Nov. 2011