World-wide increase in geopolymer research

Twenty five years long, geopolymer science was studied in very few laboratories and institutions. It is only during the last ten years that we notice a strong increase in geopolymer research. The actual situation was presented by Prof. J. Davidovits in his 2010 Geopolymer Camp Keynote: State of the Geopolymer 2010. The following map shows the evolution of the number of laboratories involved in geopolymer research, from 1999 to 2010.

The number of scientific papers dealing with geopolymer science & technology is following an exponential growth. The chart displays the evolution of the number of geopolymer papers published from 1991 onwards (publication of Davidovits’ reference paper in J. Thermal Analysis), up to 2013, referenced in Science Direct + SpringerLink + Wiley + DOAJ + ACS under the keyword “geopolymer”. Other publications, such as conference proceedings are not accounted for in these statistical tools. The exponential growth of published scientific papers is confirmed for 2014.