GEOPOLY-THERM: fireproof composite panels

Geopolymer Composite Applications, Fireproof panels, Fireproof Decoration

The patented GEOPOLY-THERM technology is based on the use of geopolymer binders. The effects of fires aboard vessels have been demonstrated as a result of collision between ships and ferries during peace time, and by experiences of the British Navy in the Falkland Islands and the American Navy in the Persian Gulf. The GEOPOLY-THERM technology provides a safe and proven method for fire resistant composite systems.

In addition to the properties investigated by the American Federal Aviation Administration F.A.A. for Aircraft applications, see for more details the development program GEO-COMPOSITE , the GEOPOLY-THERM technology provides excellent fire insulation values. The chemically bounded water – (hydroxyl groups of the poly(sialates) molecules) – induces endothermicity ranging from 400-500 cal./gram of Geopolymer Na-PS [Na-Poly(sialate) Si:Al=1] to 70-100 cal./gram of Geopolymer K-PSDS [K-Poly(sialate-disiloxo) Si:Al=3].

The values of the charts account for panels
dried up at 100°C during 12 hours, before testing.

In opposition to regular commercialized systems based on hydrated compounds (for example aluminum hydroxide hydrates), the values displayed in the figure for GEOPOLY-THERM panels do not include the endothermicity, which usually results from physically absorbed water (<100°C). this physically absorbed water was eliminated during the preliminary extensive 12 hour drying at 100°C. The geopolymer composites of various chemical types may be combined with one another, resulting in complex composite panels suitable for a very wide scope of applications.

GEOPOLY-THERM technology offers:

  • Excellent burn-through fire resistance
  • No ignitability
  • No flammability
  • No combustion gases
  • No toxicity
  • No smoke emanation
  • No heat release
  • No combustion gas generation

In addition the GEOPOLY-THERM technology may be associated with decorative coatings and skins for fireproof decoration. (more details on Art and Decoration )

GEOPOLY-THERM can be produced with all geopolymer binders. GEOPOLY-THERM provides excellent fire rating properties to organic cores (foam, honey-comb) resulting in various interesting sandwich structures. GEOPOLY-THERM is produced with processes and operation familiar to organic matrix users.