GPCamp 2020

The Geopolymer Camp 2020 was cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic. However, Prof. Joseph Davidovits recorded his annual keynote, released at the same period, July 2020.

Keynote Conferences in video

State of the Geopolymer R&D 2020
Keynote by Joseph Davidovits.

53 min, 142 MB. Click on the icon on the right to watch it full-screen.

It is a review on what happened in 2019 and the first semester of 2020 on geopolymer science and applications. In his keynote, Prof. J. Davidovits developed following topics:

  1. Geopolymer Science:
    • Fith edition fo the book Geopolymer Chemistry and Applications (2:15)
    • Metakaolin mechano-chemistry in pre-industrialized scale (4:28)
    • Ferro-sialate Geopolymers, Al3+ is partially replaced by Fe3+ (8:00)
    • Standards for Testing Metakaolin MK-750 (11:26)
    • Phosphate-based geopolymer (exothermicity and molecular structure) (15:23)
    • Long-term durability, Ancient Roman cement, recent study confirms our claim (18:40)
    • Geopolymer Fiber Composites, fire resistant door for aircraft cabin safety tested (23:10)
  2. Geopolymer Technologies:
    • List of 35 real world geopolymer commercial applications (32:22)
  3. Geopolymer Cements and Concretes:
    • CO2 from coal burning in power plants is still increasing (39:10)
    • Using fly-ash is to promote a mega emission of CO2 that has been overlooked by experts (40:50)
    • Forget about Fly Ash, go with Ferro-sialate geopolymer concrete! (49:05)
  4. Geopolymer and Archaeology:
    • After Pumapunku, Bolivia, next project for Cuzco, Peru (49:52)
    • Need help from local peruvian scientists