GPCamp 2021

The Geopolymer Camp 2021, was held on August 30th to September 1st at the Campus of the University of Picardie, in Saint-Quentin, France. You will find below the Keynote conference, the list of short communications and some photos taken during this event.

Special thanks to our sponsors:

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Keynote Conference in video

State of the Geopolymer R&D 2021
Keynote by Joseph Davidovits.

50 min, 130 MB. Click on the icon on the right to watch it fullscreen.

It is a review on what happened in 2020 and the first semester of 2021 on geopolymer science and applications. In his keynote, Prof. J. Davidovits developed following topics:

  1. Geopolymer Science:
    • Fith edition fo the book Geopolymer Chemistry and Applications (2:00)
    • Machine Learning and computer simulation of geopolymer slurry (4:03)
  2. Geopolymer and Global Warming:
    • It started in 1994 already (07:23)
    • Using fly-ash is to promote a mega emission of CO2 that has been overlooked by experts (09:15)
    • Holcim releases the EcoPact geopolymer cement (10:56)
    • Granulated blast furnace slag (GGBS) is going to disappear shortly (11:25)
    • Cemex releases the Vertua geopolymer cement (13:55)
    • Visit of the Toowoomba Airport in Australia made in geopolymer cement (15:20)
    • How Wagners in Australia built an Airport in geopolymer cement (19:10)
    • Kiran Global (India) second world-largest alkali-silicates manufacturer (21:57)
    • Passive cooling in buildings, a natural property og geopolymers (24:58)
  3. Geopolymer and Archaeology:
    • South America and easter Island (31:15)
    • Summary of our studies in Pumapunku and Tiwanaku (31:25)
    • Journal of Geopolymer Science Applied to Archaeology (35:11)
    • Distribution of sodium and chlorine in samples of Egyptian pyramids (35:30)
    • Ancient geopolymers in South-American Monuments, Part IV(*): use of natural andesite volcanic sand (not crushed). (36:12)
    • Considering Certain Lithic Artifacts of Tiahuanaco (Tiwanaku) and Pumapunku (Bolivia) as Geopolymer Constructs (37:08)
    • They Came From America To Build Easter Island (42:31)
    • Easter Island: Vinapu Wall (45:20)
    • Two scientific analysis (47:15)



Download and read the presentations given in front of the Geopolymer Camp attendance. Click here to access to the files.



The GeopolymerCamp 2021 spanned 3 days:

Tutorial Workshop (short courses) for Newcomers, on Monday;
2 Focused Sessions:
1) Geopolymer and archaeology.
2) Mechanically Activated Low Calcium Fly Ash for Geopolymer Concrete: the use of stored and dumped Fly Ash piles.


Monday, August 30, 2021 TUTORIAL

09:00-10:00: Registration to TUTORIAL
10:00-12:00: Workshop
12:00-13:00: Laboratory demonstrations  Group A
13:00-14:00: Laboratory demonstrations  Group B
14:30-17:00: Short Courses + Workshop (Coffee break 15:45-16:15


15:30-17:30: Registration to GEOPOLYMER CAMP


Tuesday, August 31, 2021, GEOPOLYMER CAMP

8:30: Registration

9:00-9:30: Individual messages from the participants (1 minute)

9:30:10:30: Keynote by Joseph Davidovits: State of the Geopolymer R&D 2021, with special emphasis on recent developments.

10:30-11:00: Coffee break

First session at 11:00: geopolymer molecular chemistry; raw materials, scientific investigations.

11:00 – Joerg Lind, Wöllner GmbH, Germany: Geosil – ready to use alkali silicates for Geopolymers.
11:20 –  Ralf Bohlander, BASF, Germany: Thoughts about Geopolymers” seen from a German raw material supplier.
11:40 Carine Lefèvre, Xatico, Luxembourg, Metakalolins and mineral fillers in geopolymers.
12:00 – Max-Fabian Volhard, MC-Bauchemie Müller GmbH, Germany, Chemical admixtures for Geopolymer Concrete.
12:20 – Ralph Davidovits, Geopolymer Institute, Saint-Quentin, France, Introduction to Ferro-sialate Geopolymers).
12:45: – Questions and answers on raw materials

13:00: Free Sandwich Lunch

Second session at 14:00: Themes: industrial applications, foamed panels, ceramics, high temperature, binders, composites, toxic and radioactive waste containment, applications in Art.

14:00: – Joseph Davidovits, Ralph Davidovits, Christine Pelegris, , Matériaux Avancés en Geopolymère MAG, LTI, University Picardie, and Geopolymer Institute, Saint-Quentin:Standardized Method in Testing Commercial Metakaolins for Geopolymer Formulations.
–  Proposals for second standard: Standardized Method in Testing Acid Resistance
14:25: – Nguyen Van Vu, Peter Louda, Katarzyna Ewa Buczkowska, Le Van Su, Roberto Ercoli, Piotr Łoś,, Dorota Laskowska, Technical University of Liberec (Czech Republic), Improved geopolymer properties by FeO, NiO, and TiO2 dopings.
14:45 – Mattia Muracchioli, Giorgia Franchin, Paolo Colombo, Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale, University of Padova, Padova, Italy, High-shear Wet Granulation of Geopolymers.
15:05 – Nguyen Van Vu, Peter Louda, Katarzyna Ewa Buczkowska, Le Van Su, Roberto Ercoli, Piotr Łoś, Technical University of Liberec (Czech Republic), Enhancing geopolymer composites by recycled fibers.
15:25 – Le Van Su, Nguyen Van Vu, Katarzyna Buczkowska, Totka Bakalova, Lukas Volesky, Piotr Łoś, Petr Louda, Technical University of Liberec (Czech Republic), Geopolymer foam coatings applied by spraying.

15:45-16:15: Coffee break

Third Session 16:15 – 17:30: Geopolymer science applied to Archaeology

– Joseph Davidovits, Ralph Davidovits, Luis Huaman (geologist):
Contribution of LTGS (Low Temperature Geopolymeric Setting in Ceramics) in the development of the Tiwanaku/Pumapunku civilisation in the Andes, Altiplano, South America.
The hypothesis on the transfer of artificial geopolymer stone Technologies from Tiwanaku/Pumapunku to Easter Island statues.
Efficient use of geological knowledge: 3 examples from present research in the Andes (Altiplano): red sandstone, volcanic andesite, weathered raw material, natural volcanic sand and volcanic tuff.

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Themes: building applications, eco-construction, LTGS, bricks, cements, concretes, CO2 mitigation, Global Warming.

Focussed Session: Mechanically activated Low Calcium Fly Ash for Geopolymer Concrete, the use of stored and dumped Fly Ash piles

9:15 – Review of several papers presented by Joseph Davidovits
9:45 – 3D printing of Geopolymer concrete
– Marina Dudnikova, Andrey Dudnikov, RENCA Inc., Russia, Geopolymer concrete as 3D printing material: advantages and challenges.
– William Hof (Las Vegas, USA), Marina Dudnikova, Andrey Dudnikov, (RENCA Inc., Russia), Alex Reggiani (RE.AL MIX and GP S.r.l.), Italy: Introduction to Geopolymer International, LLC, Development of Geopolymer Concrete 3D printing in the USA.
10:15– Frank Omloo, Catena Beton, Netherlands, Hydrostatic Equilibrium Moulding for the production of a geopolymer concrete shell structure.

10:30 Coffee Break

11:00 – Jean Claude GRESS Ingénieur Civil des Ponts et Chaussées, Use of Geopolymer techniques for Public Works.
11:15 – Ondřej Sarvaš, Wienerberger Building Solutions, Wien, Austria: The Wienerberger Group at the Geopolymer Camp: the interest in geopolymers with few project examples.
11:30 – Timur Mukhametkaliyev, Kazakhstan, Geopolymer technology in Kazakhstan: Development of fly ash/slag geopolymer concretes for the construction industry.
11:45 – Deepanshu Mangla, Mangla Redimix Pvt. Ltd., India: Geopolymer concrete pavements in India: An opportunity to scale up Geopolymer technology and fight climate change.

12:00 – Geopolymer Cement regulations and Standards: review presented by Ralph Davidovits, Geopolymer Institute.

12:30 – Free Sandwich Lunch– Groups – Discussions

15:30 : End of GP-Camp 2021

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