They came from America to build Easter Island

Prof. Joseph Davidovits presents his hypothesis based on scientific data available (as of August 2021), and often misinterpreted, which show the artificial nature of the Easter Island statues.

They prove the transfer of knowledge involving the man-made geopolymer stones found in the monuments of Tiwanaku/Pumapunku, located in the Altiplano, Bolivia, South America, to the manufacture of the artificial statues of Easter Island.

They demonstrate the relationship between South-America and Easter Island.


49 min, 148 MB. Click on the icon on the right to watch it fullscreen.


  1. Brief history of the research undertaken since 1981. (1:36)
  2. Summary of the results provided by our research at Tiwanaku/Pumapunku (Bolivia, South America) since 2017. (8:38)
  3. What is the connexion with Easter Island? From whom came the knowledge?
 When? How did it happen? (21:53)
  4. Scientific analysis! (34:32)

In this talk, you will learn for the first time:
Why do the statues of Easter Island exist?
Why do they have this unique shape?
Who invented them and why only on Easter Island?
Why some of them are different?
Why does it scream they come from South America?
Everything is based on scientific analysis and multidisciplinary studies that nobody connected before.
The genius of mankind…