Photos from recent Geopolymer events in India

The recent Geopolymer events were prepared by Professors C. Antony Jeyasehar and S. Thirugnanasambandan, Department of Civil and Structural Engineering, Annamalai University, Annamalainagar 608002 Tamilnadu, India.

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– 7. December: International Workshop on Geopolymer Cement and Concrete

  • Geopolymer Cement (chaired by Prof. J. Davidovits, Geopolymer Institute, France)
  • Geopolymer Concrete (chaired by Prof. V.J. Rangan, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia)
  • Geopolymer Bricks (LTGS) (chaired by Prof. J. Davidovits)
  • with the participation of Prof. P. Paramasivam (National University, Singapore)

– 8-10 December: 7th Structural Engineering Convention (SEC 2010)
Keynote lecture on the 8th (Prof. J. Davidovits) on Geopolymer Science dedicated to building materials.
Public lecture on the 9th (Prof. J. Davidovits) titled: Why Pharaohs built the Pyramids with Fake Stones


J. Davidovits standing before the bilboards announcing the public lecture and the Workshop

Annamalai University Faculty of Engineering and Technology and Entrance to hall

Inaugural stage (left) and the audience (right)

Vice-Chancelor M. Ramanathan and J. Davidovits presenting the Workshop Proceedings (left) and J. Davidovits’ lecture (right)

V.J. Rangan’s lecture (below left) and J. Davidovits’ public lecture on Pyramids (below right)

Honors to J. Davidovits, V.J. Rangan (on his right B. Palaniappan, Dean, and organizer C. Antony Jeyasehar) and P. Paramasivam (on his left co-organizer S. Thirugnanasambandan)

Signing the Proceedings (left); with organizer A. Jeyasehar (right)