Second publication of your scientific paper

To scientists working on geopolymers:
You have published a scientific paper on geopolymers? Send us its references so that we will include it in the publications list.

The Geopolymer Institute Web site is the reference in this topic and has a big success. It is an excellent promotion tool for this new science, worldwide. This is reflected by the high number of downloadings for all scientific papers available here (see on this page the Statistics of downloadings).

That is why, we invite students (in Master and Doctorate) and researchers who want to take advantage of our popularity to benefit a web hosting of their most outstanding published papers or their most remarkable thesis (in English, or in French with a summary in English). You will have access to an audience much bigger than the original publication in a scientific journal or university libraries.

The institute does not publish articles but proposes to put on the internet already published scientific papers or thesis, provided you have the right to do it. Please, contact us to take advantage of this opportunity.