#15: 30 Years of Successes and Failures in Geopolymer Applications

30 Years of Successes and Failures
in Geopolymer Applications.
Market Trends and Potential Breakthroughs.
by Joseph Davidovits

Invited Paper, Geopolymer 2002 International Conference, October 28-29, Melbourne, Australia

The presentation included 30 slides describing following geopolymer applications developed since 1972 in France, Europe and USA. The Geopolymer chemistry concept was invented in 1979 with the creation of a non-for profit scientific organization, the Institut de Recherche sur les Géopolymères (Geopolymer Institute); Fire resistant wood panel; Insulated panels and walls. Decorative stone artifacts; Foamed (expanded) geopolymer panels for thermal insulation; Low-tech building materials; Energy low ceramic tiles; Refractory items; Thermal shock refractory; Aluminum foundry application; Geopolymer cement and concrete; Fire resistant and fire proof composite for infrastructures repair and strengthening; Fireproof high-tech applications, aircraft interior, automobile; High-tech resin systems. The applications are based on 30 patents filed and issued in several countries. Several patents are now in the public domain, but others are still valid. The applications show genuine geopolymer products having brilliantly withstood 25 years of use and that are continuously commercialized.

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