#18: Fly ash-based geopolymer concrete

Fly Ash-Based Geopolymer Concrete for environmental protection
by B.Vijaya Rangan
Faculty of Engineering, Curtin University of Technology
Perth, Australia

Published in The Indian Concrete Journal, April 2014, Vol. 88, Issue 4, pp. 41-48, 50-59.

Professor Vijay Rangan is Australia Mr. Concrete. He presents here a review on the extensive studies conducted on fly ash-based geopolymer concrete. Salient factors that influence the properties of the geopolymer concrete in the fresh and hardened states are identified. Test data of various short-term and long-term properties of the geopolymer concrete are then presented. The paper describes the results of the tests conducted on large-scale reinforced geopolymer concrete members and illustrates the application of the geopolymer concrete in the construction industry. Some recent applications of geopolymer concrete in the precast construction and the economic merits of the geopolymer concrete are also included.

It is the complement of previous Research Reports GC1 and GC2 that covered the development, the mixture proportions, the short-term properties, and the long-term properties of low-calcium fly ash-based geopolymer concrete, see paper #17 .

The study demonstrated that the design provisions contained in the Australian Standard for Concrete Structures AS3600 and the American Concrete Institute Building Code ACI318-02 are applicable to reinforced Fly ash-based geopolymer concrete columns.

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