#19 Dramatized Sculptures with Geopolymers

Proceedings of the International Conference
Geopolymer ‘99
Georges GRIMAL
artiste and sculptor
member of the Geopolymer Institute
( in English, en Français )

For thousands of years sculpture has been invented to be seen in daylight. Today, artificial light opens the door to a new approach, all the more so since the advent of new materials, upsetting our concepts in many fields. To traditional sculpture I propose to add decorative sculpture for indoors in which a stage setting by light becomes an integral part of the work. Well-gauged lighting enhances the finesse of the feelings expressed. Adjusted shade conveys the poetic value of the « unspoken ».

DRAMATIZED Sculpture may follow a similar course to that of recorded music during this century, from phonographs to C.D.. This paper is illustrated with several photos in color.

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