#21 Geopolymer cement review 2013

A review on Geopolymer cement, as of January 2013.



1. Introduction
2. Portland cement chemistry vs Geopolymer cement chemistry
   2.1 Alkali-activated materials vs Geopolymer cements.
   2.2 User-friendly alkaline-reagents
3. Geopolymer cement categories
   3.1 Slag-based geopolymer cement
   3.2 Rock-based geopolymer cement
   3.3 Fly ash-based geopolymer cements
   3.4 Ferro-sialate-based geopolymer cement
4. CO2 emissions during manufacture
   4.1 CO2 emission during manufacture of Portland cement clinker
   4.2 Geopolymer Cements Energy Needs and CO2 emissions
      4.2.1 Rock-based Geopolymer cement manufacture involves:
 Energy needs
 CO2 emissions during manufacture
      4.2.2 Fly ash-based cements Class F fly ashes
5. Properties for Rock-based geopolymer cement (Ca,K)-poly(sialate-disiloxo)
6. The need for standards

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