#22 GEOASH: ambient temp. hardening of fly ash-based geopolymer cements

The European Research Project GEOASH: (2004-2007).

Development of room temperature hardening for fly ash-based geopolymer cements and concretes.

When compared with alkali-activated, heat-cured conventional methods, the slag/fly ash-based geopolymer cement technologies, which harden at ambient temperature, provide better properties: higher strength, safer long-term durability and lower leachates.

1. Introduction
2. Methods
2.1 Conventional Method: Alkali-Activation, Dissolution And Zeolite Formation: User-Hostile
2.2 Geopolymeric Method: Room Temperature Hardening, Polycondensation, User-Friendly.
3. Results And Discussion
3.1 Compressive Strength
3.2 X-Ray Diffraction
3.3 Leaching Properties
3.4 (Ca,K)-Based Geopolymer Matrix: Composition And Structure

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