9th Geopolymer Camp 2017 and Tutorial


Special topics of interest:
– Tutorial Workshop (short courses) for Newcomers, on Monday;
– Focused Session on Reinforced Geopolymer Composites, on Tuesday afternoon.


Every year, we invite you to join the Geopolymer Institute for the largest, most comprehensive international conference devoted to Geopolymer technologies, the 9th GeopolymerCamp 2017, at the University of Picardie, Campus of Saint-Quentin, North of Paris, France, on July 10-12, 2017.

Please, take a look at the GEOPOLYMER CAMP 2017 web page to register:
Geopolymer-Camp-2017-Registration (click on the link)
(or in French at Geopolymer-Camp-2017-Inscription )

Last year, we had a big Geopolymer Camp. 2/3 of the participants were professionals from the industry and business pioneers, 1/3 were academics. This event is now the best to create your network.

We have opened the registration by now in February and early birds have already signed up.

We have a limited number of seats (fewer than 90), so I strongly suggest you do not wait too long to join us. Chances are that, by the end of May, there will be few seats left.

We want to keep this event small in size but big in quality (good knowledge shared and interesting people to meet), as most of you already know, in order to emulate sharing, discussions, meetings, so every participant shall have a satisfying event.

As always, we keep the registration fees to a minimum of 55 Euro (approx. 60 US $) for advance payment, just to cover the costs for organization, lunches, coffee and the like, etc.

FOR NEWCOMERS: If you are new to the world of geopolymers and you don’t know how to begin, what raw materials to select, how to manufacture geopolymers, what are the good practices, and looking for a good understanding of this chemistry, the Geopolymer Institute organizes a Tutorial / Workshop (a short course) for beginners at a very low cost on the first day, Monday, which takes place before the beginning of the Geopolymer Camp. You will learn the best knowledge to work immediately and receive two authentic geopolymer formula (one ceramic binder, and one room temperature hardening cement) with the procedure explained step by step, with all the references to their raw materials and the names of their suppliers ! After this workshop, you will be ready to start.

Note that depending on the number of people signing up, we may organize a second session on Thursday, July 13th.

Tutorial fees: 360 Euro (approx. 390 US $) for advanced payment. See the program at the Geopolymer Camp web page:
Geopolymer-Camp-2017-Registration (click on the link)

I am inviting you to participate and to share the spirit of these events and hope to see you in Saint-Quentin for the 9th GeopolymerCamp 2017, with Tutorial for Newcomers.