3rd Virtual Journal on Geopolymer Science

Elsevier-GPIThe third issue of what will become the Virtual Journal on Geopolymer Science is online at Reinforced Geopolymer Composites- A critical review.

The Virtual Journal on Geopolymer Science is a collection of already published research papers, curated by us, all relating to geopolymers. It has been written in compliance with a decision of Elsevier and Geopolymer Institute to join forces, distill and distribute the best research publications contained in their combined archives, through a series of Elsevier-Geopolymer Institute Virtual Special Issues on Geopolymer Science. See the previous issues in our News.

The invention of mineral geopolymers of the types poly(sialate) -Si-O-Al-O- (Si:Al=1), poly(sialate-siloxo) -Si-O-Al-O-Si-O- (Si:Al=2), poly(sialate-disiloxo) -Si-O-Al-O-Si-O-Si-O- (Si:Al=3), poly(sialate-multisiloxo) (Si:Al>>3) goes back to 1972, when, in the aftermath of various catastrophic fires in France causing hundreds of casualties in public buildings which involved common organic plastic, research on non-flammable and non-combustible plastic materials became our priority.