Geopolymer 2002 3rd International Conference, Melbourne Australia

Geopolymers 2002
Turning potential into profit
Third International Conference
Melbourne, Australia
28-29 October 2002

The international conference brings together industry, geopolymer experts, architects and venture capitalists to take geopolymers to the next stage – the full commercialisation of this exciting product.
The two day, highly informative and solutions oriented conference will comprise keynote speakers from companies that have already embraced the technology, panel discussions and interactive sessions.

Learn how geopolymers can add value to your industry. – Hear from international experts about their experiences. – Discover the inherent properties that place geopolymers at the forefront of construction products. – Understand the business case and identify the investment opportunities. – Gain the early advantage of embracing geopolymer technology.

Other areas in which opportunities exist for geopolymers include transportation, infrastructure, the nuclear power industry, fire-proof and refractory materials, and adhesives.
Researchers interested in learning about the global advances in the commercial development of geopolymerisation should also attend.
Parallel technical sessions to be held on the second day will allow delegates to select their own pathways through the conference.

Download the comprehensive program of the conference.

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