Géopolymère ’99, 2nd International Conference, France

International Conference

First conference in 20 years to focus on the science behind
New Materials for the Third Millennium and
their Ancient Analogues (Roman Cement, Pyramid stone).

June 30, July 1 and 2, 1999
at INSSET, Université de Picardie, Saint-Quentin, France
Organised by the Geopolymer Institute.

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The previous European Conference on geopolymeric technologies, GEOPOLYMER ‘88 was held in 1988 at the Université de Technologie, Compiègne, France. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the creation of the Geopolymer Institute, the city of Saint-Quentin, where the geopolymeric technology was invented, was dedicated to welcome the 2nd Geopolymer International Conference: GÉOPOLYMÈRE ‘99.

The last few years have seen spectacular technological progress in the development of Geosynthesis and geopolymeric applications. The remarkable achievements made through geosynthesis and geopolymerisation include mineral polymers (geopolymers), flexible ceramics which transform like plastics at low temperatures, ceramic composite made manually at room temperature or thermoset in a simple autoclave, concrete which after 4 hours has higher strength than the best currently-used concrete. Resulting from this are industrial applications which, while using ceramics as the basic material, no longer need heavy equipment and high temperatures. Geopolymers enable product designers to envisage the use of ceramic type materials with the same facility as organic polymers..

New state-of-the-art materials designed with the help of geopolymerisation reactions are opening up new applications and procedures, and transforming ideas that have been taken for granted in inorganic chemistry. This new generation of materials, whether used pure, with fillers or reinforced, is already finding applications in all fields of industry.

More than 28 international research institutions and companies involving 47 scientists and experts presented 32 papers.

The Conference focused on applications dealing with FIRE SAFETY in transportation (automotive, aerospace/aeronautic and naval industries), INFRASTRUCTURES (fire-safety in tunnels), NUCLEAR-POWER PLANTS, toxic and radioactive waste management (URANIUM WASTES), geopolymeric cementitious systems based on waste- and by-products (FLY-ASH, SLAG). It will display various applications for nonferrous foundries and metallurgy, civil engineering, and other industries, including ARTS and DECORATION.

A special day was dedicated to the applications in ARCHAEOLOGY (ceramics, cements, man made stones, pyramids, statues).

International Scientific Committee:
Prof. P. Balaguru, Rutgers the State University of New Jersey, USA
Prof. Joseph Davidovits, Geopolymer Institute, France
Prof. Guy Demortier, Université de Namur, Belgique
Dr Gunter Kiessig, Wismut GmbH, Germany
Dr Richard Lyon, Federal Aviation Administration, USA
Ing. Bob Talling, Renotech, Finland

ISBN: 2902933150 (CD-ROM), 2902933142 (Book)