Pyramids (4) Videos and book

Are Pyramids Made Out of Concrete? 4 pages: 

Are Pyramids Made Out of Concrete? (1)
 Pyramids (2) The evidences
Pyramids (3) The formula, the invention of stone
Pyramids (4) Videos and book

Download an abstract of the theory or buy the book

FREE DOWNLOAD of Chapter 1 of “Why the pharaohs built the Pyramids with fake stones” + the extended abstract of the theory, from an official Press Kit. (703 KB in PDF format). See also Joseph Davidovits’  Book: Why the pharaohs built the Pyramids with fake stones 


Watch a conference

Prof. Joseph DAVIDOVITS presents, in this 1h20 conference, his famous theory on how the Egyptians pyramids were built with re-agglomerated limestone. This conference was recorded in 2008 representing the knowledge of that time.

Since then, recent scientific studies using very powerful and modern equipment found the ultimate evidence that the pyramids stones are synthetic.

Believing in the artificial stone theory, or countering it, is simply no longer relevant. It has become a truth, a fact.

Read the FAQ for artificial stone supporters.

This video lasts 1 hour 20 min, a 204 MB file. Click on the icon on the right to watch it fullscreen.


How to built a pyramid?

Latest on NOVA mini-pyramid documentary “This Old Pyramid”. To learn about the swindle go to Mini-Pyramid NOVA swindle

If you want to know how the knowledge evolved after the Pyramids click on Colosses of Memnon

Paleomagnetism study supports the man-made stone concept. Go to Paleomagnetism study.

Here is a small video documentary that shows how a crew of only few people is able to rapidly and easily produce several tons of pyramid stone blocks! If you want to learn more about the technology employed, please read the topic developed in this web site. This theory is also related in Davidovits’ recent book in English (June 2008) Why the Pharaohs built the Pyramids with fake stones.


Here is a small video explaining the theory for the general audience and 3D animations demonstrating how the re-agglomerated stone theory is very easy to implement.


How to analyze pyramid stones

Joseph Davidovits explains how to analyze the pyramid limestones and why geologists see nothing. He demonstrates that a thin section is not the right method to detect artificial stone.
Excerpt from his video conference “Building the Pyramids of Egypt with Fake Stones”.