Webinar Spring 2017: Geopolymer Web Workshop, Apr. 11-12



IMPORTANT: We are changing the format of our Webinar – Q&A session only!

Outline of the talk:

GPCamp 2011-8For this Webinar Spring 2017, we have decided to set up a Questions and Answers (Q&A) session. Join Professor Joseph Davidovits and get your chance to ask any questions on Geopolymer Chemistry and Technology. He will answer questions either sent in advance or directly from the audience, live from his office, and stay online up to 3 hours until relevant topics have been discussed.

We strongly engage your attention to watch again the previous webinars videos before attending the webinar and prepare asking your questions. They have been now watched a thousand of times and been acclaimed by many as the best and straightforward introduction to geopolymers for all audiences (including students, scientists, engineers, business men, enthusiastic…).

You will have two ways of asking questions:

  1. Complex questions that need certain time to read and study. You can send Professor Joseph Davidovits some texts, pictures or PDF and ask for his advices. He will try to answer your query as best as possible with regard to the audience interests. Please, send in advance your question or comments as a PDF file with graphs and images not exceeding 5 MB in total at the bottom of this page.
  2. Simple short questions. They can be asked during the webinar session. Just, type in your question in the chat field of the GoToMeeting software. You can also write your question in advance at the bottom of this page which is the best method anyway to get an answer.

Obviously, you may attend the seminar without having to send any question. It is free for anybody to listen and learn, provided you register. Therefore, we are inviting you to participate, to share the spirit of this event, and hope to have you on line during this Geopolymer Webinar.

There will be two sessions, one for the Eastern hemisphere and the day after for the Western hemisphere. Please, register to only one session.

April 11, 2017: First 3 hour talk for the Eastern Hemisphere (Europe / Africa / Asia), at 07:00 UTC+0 (09:00 Paris / Berlin, 09:00 Johannesburg, 10:00 Moscow, 11:00 Dubai, 12:00 New Delhi, 14:00 Jakarta, 15:00 Beijing, 16:00 Tokyo, 17:00 Sidney, 19:00 Auckland).

April 12, 2017: Second 3 hour talk for the Western Hemisphere (Europe / Americas), at 16:00 UTC+0 (18:00 Paris / Berlin, 17:00 London / Casablanca, 13:00 Rio de Janeiro, 12:00 New York, 11:00 Mexico City, 09:00 Los Angeles).

If you have any doubt for the time and date for your country, visit a time zone converter website like this one: thetimenow.com

Language is English.

Note that the number of attendees is limited to 100 per session. So, do not wait for the last moment to join the Webinar and secure your seat before it is too late. This Q&A webinar is FREE.

Who shall attend?
Students, scientists, researchers, engineers from public and private organizations, curious or long-term experienced people in their fields of expertise, professionals involved in a wide range of development, including managers, finance specialists, R&D, marketing, business decision makers, technology and products development specialists, etc.

Technical requirements: We will use the GoToWebinar system from LogMeIn working with many computers (PC, Mac, iOS or Android App), including a fast internet connection, a web browser and the GoToMeeting application that you must install in your computer or your mobile/tablet device. For more information, please verify that you meet the systems requirements for GoToMeeting. Before joining the meeting from the e-mail invitation, please join a test meeting to confirm that you are able to successfully join a meeting.

Register Now:

Do not wait to register. You will immediately receive an e-mail with all the details and a personal link to connect to the webinar. More, you will receive 3 reminders by e-mail, one week, one day and one hour before the beginning of each session.

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11 April 2017
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12 April 2017

If you have any doubt for the time and date for your country, visit a time zone converter website like this one: thetimenow.com

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