Training courses and Workshops organized by the Geopolymer Institute

The Geopolymer Institute is introducing a series of training courses (learning / teaching) on Geopolymer Chemistry, Geopolymer Science and related Applications. The 2-day, 3-day and 4-day courses will be held at the Geopolymer Institute, Saint-Quentin, France (one and half hours drive North of Paris), with low-rates Hotels in the vicinity.

Course director

All the courses will be directed by Professor Joseph Davidovits, the inventor and founder of Geopolymer.

Who should attend?

The courses are for professionals with a solid chemical background (engineer degrees, master degrees) or with equivalent long-term practice.
Some courses (Geopolymer for Newcomers, Geopolymer for Investors, …) are designed for professionals involved for a wide range of development in all applications including managers, finance specialists, R&D, marketing, business decision makers, technology and product development, …

Language is English ( langue française sur demande pour 2 participants ou plus ). Each course is designed for a maximum of 10 participants in order to encourage fruitful discussions between Prof. Joseph Davidovits and the students.

Courses Schedule for 2008-2009

We are providing below the list of the courses for the year 2008 (April-December) and 2009 (January-March).

Geopolymer Course # 1: Geopolymer for Newcomers (3 days)
April 01-03, May 13-15, August 05-08, September 02-04 (in French), October 22-24 (in French), December 09-11, February 10-12, March 10-12

Geopolymer Course # 2: Metakaolin based Geopolymer Ceramics (3 days)
April 08-10, October 21-24, Other dates on demand

Geopolymer Course # 3-4: Low-energy / Low-CO2 Cement : Slag/rock/fly ash-based Geopolymer (4 days)
April 15-17, other dates on demand,

Geopolymer Course # 5: Quality Controls, Physical and Chemical Properties (3 days)
April 28-30, Other dates on demand

Geopolymer Course # 6: Low-Energy Geopolymer Technology applied to Ceramic Industry (3 days)
May 20-22, September 09-11,

Geopolymer Course # 7: Castable Geopolymer Compounds (molds, prototypes, artifacts) (2 days)
May 27-28, Other dates on demand

Geopolymer Course # 8: Fire Resistant Geopolymer Matrix Composites (2 days)
May 29-30, Other dates on demand 

Geopolymer Course # 9: Geopolymers in Toxic and Radioactive Waste Management (3 days)
June 03-05, September 23-25, Other dates on demand

Geopolymer Course # 10: Geopolymer for Investors (2 days)
May 06-07, Other dates on demand

All courses are organized in learning / teaching sessions that allow to attend several courses in a row. So, you can attend a series of course that belong to the same topics.

Click here for the entire Courses Program

Sessions for 2008-2009

Sessions A to C

course #1(ref. 2008A1)
April 01-03
(ref. 2008B1)
May 13-15
(ref. 2008C1)
Aug. 05-08
course #2(ref. 2008A2)
April 08-10
course #3-4(ref. 2008A3)
April 15-17
course #5(ref. 2008A5)
April 28-30
course #6x(ref. 2008B2)
May 20-22
course #7x(ref. 2008B3)
May 27-28
course #8x(ref. 2008B4)
May 29-30
course #9x(ref. 2008B5)
June 03-05
course #10(ref. 2008A6)
May 06-07

Sessions D to F

course #1(ref. 2008D1)
Sept. 02-04
(ref. 2008E1)
Oct. 22-24
(ref. 2008F1)
Dec. 09-11
course #2xx
course #3-4xx
course #5xxx
course #6(ref. 2008D2)
Sept. 09-11
course #7xxx
course #8xxx
course #9(ref. 2008D5)
Sept. 23-25
course #10xx

Sessions G to I

course #1(ref. 2008H1)
Feb. 10-12
(ref. 2008I1)
Mar. 10-12
course #2xxx
course #3-4xx
course #5xxx
course #6xx
course #7xxx
course #8xxx
course #9xxx
course #10xxx

Tuition per one participant:

It includes luncheons, breaks, book and course notes;
4-day course: 1950 Euros; group rate 1800 Euros (+ tax if any)
3-day course: 1650 Euros; group rate 1500 Euros (+ tax if any)
2-day course: 1150 Euros; group rate 1050 Euros (+ tax if any)

Course location

The courses are held at the Geopolymer Institute. Please read the following pages to prepare your stay: Access Map and Prepare your stay

Client Site. You can ask for a short course at your site and at your convenience. 2 persons from the Geopolymer Institute will come (likely Prof. J. Davidovits with another person). You will have to pay for travel expenses, lodging and the tuition for a min. of 4 enrollments. For further information, please contact us.


Each participant will receive for the course the most updated version of the book GEOPOLYMER Chemistry and Applications by J. Davidovits, and additional Technical Papers.

Please, go to the next page for the registration form.

Registration form

Before filling in the registration form, find the date and the course’s title you want to attend, and note its reference on the sessions’ table above. It corresponds to the session and the topic of the course. So, if we change the date (e.g. from one or two days to group several courses in a row), we will not change the reference of the course.
Then, print it, fill it in, and fax or mail it. All information about the payments and general information can be found there.

We are open to any arrangements for groups, especially from overseas, who would like to participate to two or more courses in a row, for example Wednesday-Friday and Monday-Wednesday, with a free weekend time in Paris. Because we accept few participants, we are very flexible. Do not hesitate to contact us.

How to register ?

Download the registration form in PDF format.

First, download the registration form in PDF format to read all information about your tuition and methods of payment. Then, you can either fill in this form, or do it online with the form below.


Put the date, reference number of the course, and price.

(for E.U. members only)

Bank transfer
Check in Euro drawn ONLY on a european bank
Credit Card
For credit card secured method of payment, we are using exclusively PAYPAL. For amount above € 750 EUR, and if you have not already did it, PAYPAL will ask you to open an account and get the « verified » status. The PAYPAL link is at the bottom right of this page.