Not Only Cement: new high-tech patents for geopolymer

Although most research is carried out by academic institutions on geopolymer cements, geopolymeric synthesis is implemented by the international industry in more sophisticated and advanced applications, i.e. automotive, aeronautic, oilfield, etc.. Below is a list of latest published patents filed by AIRBUS, CORNING, SCHLUMBERGER, COMMISSARIAT ENERGIE ATOMIQUE CEA:
– Airbus: Aircraft Conduct in geopolymer composites (WO 2008/015361).
– Corning: Geopolymer composites and structures formed therefrom (WO 2006/121823).
– Schlumberger:

  • Pumpable geopolymer formulation for oilfield application (WO 2008/017414).
  • Pumpable geopolymer formulation for carbon dioxide storage (WO 2008/017413).

Commissariat Energie Atomique: Method of preparing a controlled porosity geopolymer, the resulting geopolymer and the various applications thereof (WO 2009/050196).