Book: Geopolymer Chemistry and Applications, 5th ed.


A Practical and Scientific Approach to Sustainable Development
5th Edition

ISBN: 9782954453118

What can be done about the major concerns of our Global Economy on energy, global warming, sustainable development, user-friendly processes, and green chemistry? Here is an important contribution to the mastering of these phenomena today. Written by Joseph Davidovits, the inventor and founder of geopolymer science, Geopolymer Chemistry and Applications is an introduction to the subject for the newcomers, students, engineers and professionals. You will find science, chemistry, formulas and very practical information (including patents’ excerpts) covering:

  • The mineral polymer concept: silicones and geopolymers
  • Macromolecular structure of natural silicates and aluminosilicates
  • Scientific Tools, X-rays, FTIR, NMR
  • The synthesis of mineral geopolymers
    • Poly(siloxonate) and polysilicate, soluble silicate, Si:Al=1:0
    • Chemistry of (Na,K)–oligo-sialates: hydrous alumino-silicate gels and zeolites
    • Kaolinite / Hydrosodalite-based geopolymer, poly(sialate) Si:Al=1:1
    • Metakaolin MK-750-based geopolymer, poly(sialate- siloxo) Si:Al=2:1
    • Calcium-based geopolymer, (Ca, K, Na)-sialate, Si:Al=1, 2, 3
    • Rock-based geopolymer, poly(sialate-multisiloxo) 1>5
    • Ferro-sialate geopolymers
    • Silica-based geopolymer, sialate link and siloxo link in poly(siloxonate) Si:Al>5
    • Fly ash-based geopolymer
    • Phosphate-based geopolymer
    • Organic-mineral geopolymer
  • Properties: physical, chemical and long-term durability
  • Applications:
    • Quality controls
    • Development of user-friendly systems
    • How to quantify and develop geopolymer formulas
    • Castable geopolymer, industrial and decorative applications
    • Geopolymer – fiber composites
    • Foamed geopolymer
    • Geopolymers in ceramic processing
    • Manufacture of geopolymer cement
    • Geopolymer concrete
    • Geopolymers in toxic and radioactive waste management

It is a textbook, a reference book instead of being a collection of scientific papers. Each chapter is followed by a bibliography of the relevant published literature including 75 patents, 120 tables, 360 figures, 550 references, 700 authors cited, representing the most up to date contributions of the scientific community. The industrial applications of geopolymers with engineering procedures and design of processes are also covered in this book.

The discovery of a new class of inorganic materials, geopolymer resins, binders, cements and concretes, resulted in wide scientific interest and kaleidoscopic development of applications. From the first industrial research efforts in 1972 at the Cordi-Géopolymère private research laboratory, Saint-Quentin, France, until the end of 2007, hundreds of papers and patents were published dealing with geopolymer science and technology.

Although review articles and conference proceedings cover various aspects of the science and application of geopolymers, a researcher or engineer is still at a loss to readily obtain specific information about geopolymers and their use. It is this void that we hope to fill with this book.

There are two main purposes in preparing this book: it is an introduction to the subject of geopolymers for the newcomer to the field, for students, and a reference for additional information. Background details on structure, properties, characterization, synthesis, chemistry applications are included.

There are many examples in geopolymer science where an issued patent is either a primary reference or the only source of essential technical information. Excerpts from the more important patents are included in some chapters.

The industrial applications of geopolymers with engineering procedures and design of processes is also covered in this book.

The book holds:
680 pages
119 tables
343 figures and pictures
75 patents
740 references
905 authors cited in references
Hard-cover book, high quality printing, light cream color paper.

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First comments

“…Congratulations on the publication of the book. I am sure the book will serve as ‘the bible’ of geopolymer science and help the researchers and users immensely…” (a University Professor)

“…I would like to share the comments of one of my young co-workers, she told me: ” Director, it is really a Bible for Geopolymers—the best collection of the literature up to now…” (a Director of a National Research Institution)

“…The book will be of great assistance in teaching some parts of my materials chemistry courses in which I deal with geopolymers, and I will add it to my recommended class reading list. I will request our University library to purchase several copies for the students as it is a completely up-to-date record of what is going on in this field…” (a University Professor)

The GeopolymerCamp is the opportunity to prepare the new edition of the book Geopolymer Chemistry & Applications. Indeed, the Geopolymer Institute wishes to publish every year a new revised edition with the most up to date information. During this session, participants will propose subjects or issues that are worthwhile to be edited or added, and the assembly will discuss about it. Prepare your arguments if you want to see your last research, data, applications be added to this reference book.